Tiny Chats with David King: Gamedev Graveyard Ep 7

Talking with Alan Zucconi about some of the recent games I’ve made. 20 May 2020. London, UK.

Panel Discussion: Playing Games.

with Rachel Falconer and Phoenix Perry. Zabludowicz Collection . 10 May 2018. London, UK.


Choice, Decisions or Agency?

Board Game Studies Annual Colloquium XXI. 24 – 26 April 2018. Athens, Greece.


Q&A Session with Hirokazu Yasuhara for the Japan Foundation

Game Play: A Talk by Hirokazu Yasuhara (Sonic the Hedgehog Game-Designer). 18 January 2018. London, UK.


Dexterity: Between Choice and Randomness

Board Game Studies Annual Colloquium XX. 17-20 May 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark.


Innovative Play

University Services Conference. London College of Fashion. 15 December 2016. London, UK.

Choice, Randomness and Interaction: Exploring Game Rules

Histoire des jeux et de leurs théories mathématiques, organised by Lisa Rougetet, University of Lille – Social and Human Sciences, supported by Rime Lab and STL Lab. MESHS. 12 December 2016. Lille, France.

Through the Lens of Choice, Randomness and Interaction: 20 Years of Spiel des Jahres Winners.

Board Games Studies Annual Colloquium XIX. 13-16 April 2016. Nuremberg, Germany.

10 Questions Everyone Exhibiting Games Should Consider.

VideoBrains. 26 January 2016. London, UK.

Choice, Randomness, Interaction & Law: The Elemental Rules of Tabletop Games?

Nineworlds. 7 – 9 August 2015. London, UK

Choice, Randomness and Interaction: The Building Blocks of Game Rules.

Board Games Studies Annual Colloquium XVIII. 15-18 April 2015. Lausanne, Switzerland.

What’s Love Got to Do, Got to Do with It?

VideoBrains. 23 February 2015. London, UK.

Beginning a Taxonomy for Discussing Games Design.

Board Games Studies Annual Colloquium XVII. 21-24 May 2014. Ipswich, UK.