Roleplay Games

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A 1-page table-top role-play game for two players which explores the nature of consciousness. It is also an example of a mechanic I was interested in exploring, Persistent Non-Visible Physical Truths, which you can read about here.


Final Chase of Winter’s Wolves

Written at Nineworlds Convention 2015 as part of a two hour roleplay game jam with the theme Wilderness. The key words I was given were blizzard and wild animals.


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.56.06

A three player story game, where one player is blindfolded and the other two players compete to create specific moods for that player by describing the world around them. Originally designed for GameChef2015.

Humanity (RPG)

Screenshot from 2014-07-12 17:26:13

My RPG work in progress, which still needs a lot of work.


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