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A 1-page table-top role-play game for two players which explores the nature of consciousness. It is also an example of a mechanic I was interested in exploring, Persistent Non-Visible Physical Truths, which you can read about here.

Muddled Words


MuddledWords: pop trivia, anagrams & moving tile puzzle in the accidentally niche little game I made.

Saturday Morning TV Fix It Bash

A game about trying to fix your tv in order to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Each fault requires a different action to fix it.

Write Our Own Adventure Game


A game specifically designed for showing in exhibitions. Each player reads the story making choices as they go. Once they reach a page that has not being completed they can continue the story themselves.


A game about sliding coloured triangles in order to form hexagons, allowing you to get more coloured triangles. I this game originally developed with a touch screen device in mind, but have settled on making it available to play in browser through

The Nominees Game


A print and play party game for 3-6 players. Players are judges in the strangest of award ceremonies. Come up with the best reason for your selected nominee winning the current category. Online rules.

Tick, Tock, Boom!


An explosively quick card game for 3 to 5 players. Print and play rules and card sheets. Currently using place holder artwork.



A small puzzle game about returning order from chaos.

Argh, Who am I?!


A game of truth, lies and deductions for 3-10 players (precise numbers need further testing). The game has 16 playing cards and 2 rule cards, and is available as print and play (4 sides of A4).

Final Chase of Winter’s Wolves

Written at Nineworlds Convention 2015 as part of a two hour roleplay game jam with the theme Wilderness. The key words I was given were blizzard and wild animals.


Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.56.06

A three player story game, where one player is blindfolded and the other two players compete to create specific moods for that player by describing the world around them. Originally designed for GameChef2015.

[ o p t i s o c u b e s ]




A local-multiplayer (up to 4) where each player takes control of a kite and attempts to cut off the tails of the other players’ kites.



A two player micro game I design with Aubrey Hesselgren (@HilariousCow). Uses ten cards, and two counters each of them white on one-side black on the other. Was prototyped in the last three hours of a game jam I ran with Games Design at London College of Communication. Print and Play cards and rules.

Massively Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors


A social game experience designed originally for GameCity9. Players are assigned to one of three teams and given a wrist band with five tearable heart tabs. Upon meeting a player from another team players duel (a game of rock/paper/scissors). The looser gives one of their heart tabs to the wining player. All heart tabs are collected towards the team totals.



A game about stargazing and searching for lost fox cubs. Made for JamGame – The Backwards Game Jam.

 12 Games for Christmas


These are 12 Games that I design to be played on Christmas day. All the games use objects that you will have lying around at Christmas which makes them each special for the occasion. I set myself the challenge of creating these games after a conversation with some of my students, where the idea of Bad Present Ninja was initially discussed.

King’s Conway’s Game of Life Game


I have always found Conway’s Game of Life interesting, but I felt that it needed more game.  This was a quick prototype of the idea I had to make that change, which I made in Processing. Control a glider and destroy other classic forms from Conway’s Game of Life.

Humanity (RPG)

Screenshot from 2014-07-12 17:26:13

My RPG work in progress, which still needs a lot of work.

Dragon’s Hoard


I wanted to see if I could make a more interesting board game which took snakes and ladder as the initial seed. I got to play test this a few times with a few different groups of people. Needs a little final tweaking but I think it is a working game.

Energy Beam Duel

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 15.37.27

A game for two players inspired by Dragon Ball Z. I never got chance to play this with anyone else, so whether it actually works as a two player or not is still questionable.


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