Digital Games

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Trace a line through the gems, avoid the black ships.

My Super Mario Bros: World 1-1


A collection of my thoughts and memories on playing and making games, made in Bitsy.


Stitch and Gif


Do some cross-stitch and make a gif to share with anyone.

Hear Hear Tennis


A two player sound based game. Each player uses a wiimote to strike an invisible tennis ball by listening to when it bounces.

Muddled Words


MuddledWords: pop trivia, anagrams & moving tile puzzle in the accidentally niche little game I made.

Saturday Morning TV Fix It Bash

A game about trying to fix your tv in order to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Each fault requires a different action to fix it.

Write Our Own Adventure Game


A game specifically designed for showing in exhibitions. Each player reads the story making choices as they go. Once they reach a page that has not being completed they can continue the story themselves.


A game about sliding coloured triangles in order to form hexagons, allowing you to get more coloured triangles. I this game originally developed with a touch screen device in mind, but have settled on making it available to play in browser through



A small puzzle game about returning order from chaos.

[ o p t i s o c u b e s ]




A local-multiplayer (up to 4) where each player takes control of a kite and attempts to cut off the tails of the other players’ kites



A game about stargazing and searching for lost fox cubs. Made for JamGame – The Backwards Game Jam.

King’s Conway’s Game of Life Game


I have always found Conway’s Game of Life interesting, but I felt that it needed more game.  This was a quick prototype of the idea I had to make that change, which I made in Processing. Control a glider and destroy other classic forms from Conway’s Game of Life.

Energy Beam Duel

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 15.37.27

A game for two players inspired by Dragon Ball Z. I never got chance to play this with anyone else, so whether it actually works as a two player or not is still questionable.