Making Bet.Bet

Bet.Bet is a game about betting on how many bets the other players will make. The better you are at guessing correctly whilst avoiding having people guess how many bets you’ve made the better you’re going to do.


All you need to play are the rules, a sheets to fill out for each player, and a pen or pencil to write with.


There was a couple of things going in on my mind when I conceived the initial idea for the game.

First: I had just given a lecture on game theory to the third year BA Games Design students were I work. A subject I like to dip in and out of for inspiration and pure curiosity.

There’s a lot of games which involve predicting how the other players are going to act, and trying to determine optimum strategies. Bet.Bet is really a continuation of that, I wonder if there is enough in the game to make it worthy of study within game theory.

Second: I have been exploring simple print and play games, especially ones that don’t require a lot of craft to get going (i.e. no need to print and cut out lots of cards), a few of which can be seen in the previous post about Winter and Christmas games.

This allowed me to think about the form of the game, and worry less about components and manufacturing.


The development of the game was relatively quick, it took a little time to mock up a sheet and think of suitable iconography but very little needed changing from the first version.

One of the main changes was the number of rounds, it started at a nice round 10 but during playtests this just seemed a touch too long, so was reduced to eight.

The other difficulty was the explanation of the rules, which required some circular logic and weird use of language as you’re betting on other players bets. I hope that the rules I created with examples of play clarify the concept well enough that it can be played without me present.

Next Steps

All that’s left to do is keep playtesting the game as much as possible, and try to get an idea of if it is a strong enough concept to consider pushing to market.

If you’d like to play all you need are:

Bet.Bet Rules PDF

Bet.Bet 4 Sheets on A4 PDF

Bet.Bet 2 Sheets on A4 PDF


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