GameCity9: Friday 31st October

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This time I made my way to GameCity not as a member of the public but as an exhibitor. I was surprised to find that I was given a position on the ground floor right next to the steps that lead up to the other four flours of gaming delights, a prime position.

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After a few attempts I got the explanation of my rules for Massively Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors almost perfected.

Massively Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors. There are three teams: red, blue and yellow. The wristband you wear represents your team, should you come across a player from a different team whilst wondering around the rest of the building, you can challenge them to a duel. You play a game of Rock Paper Scissors, the loser gives a heart tab to the winner. Any heart tabs that you win, you return here and put in your teams pot. At the end of GameCity we will find out which team has collected the most hears and won.

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Not far from me was Kim Foale (@kimadactl) had brought with him a collection of children’s musical instruments. Kim had also brought along a game of his own design, Art of Noises. The game involved a deck of cards with a range of prompts on them, for example, ‘Green’, ‘David Cameron’, ‘Alien’, ‘Vodka’, and ‘Printer’.

Five cards where placed face up on the table next to a number (1-5), each player was given a set of cards (also 1-5). The player whose turn it was, would, without indicating to the rest of the players, pick a card and then try to ‘describe’ the text on the card using only the available instruments. The other players would then have to guess which of the five items it was. The players who got it right got a point, and the player whose turn it was got a point for each correct guess.

I had a lot of fun playing this game, and saw many others enjoying it as well. It was really interesting having to convey concepts and personae through noise alone.


Other than this game I did not really get chance to play anything else that day. I did however grab a burrito with Matt Syrett (@syrettdesigns) from Tableflip Games. They were exhibiting a running game Sure Footing that they are developing. Interestingly they were helping out with research that was looking at the perception of human vs computer generated levels through their game.

photo (8)

That evening I went to the “Gisborne Industry Launch Party” at Nottingham’s Masonic Lodge building which sounds like something from a H.P. Lovecraft novel. It was here that the news was revealed that Mike Bithell’s (@mikebithell) Volume would have the voice talents of Andy Serkis (@AndySerkis) to put to the character of Guy Gisborne CEO of the fictional Gisborne Industry. There were demo units set-up, but I did not get a chance to play. I am interested to see how this game compares to Thomas Was Alone, which was one of my games of the year, once I finally got round to playing it.

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