GameCity9: Sunday 26th October

I managed to get to GameCity on Sunday after packing up to move house and before having to get a train to London. I only had an hour and a half but I saw some good things.


The first thing I got to take part in was Cooks of Play by Zak Wood (who also has a blog), which was with four players.

Zak had a cook book full of recipes for playing games; starters, main courses and desserts. All the games had a cooking/food theme.

Starter: We decided on an action that represented us enjoying food. Any time someone made that action, everyone would repeat a noise. If someone made the action again, you could change the noise you were making. If you had heard a sound you particularly enjoyed you were to make that noise. Once everyone was making the same noise, the game was over.

Main Course: A truth and lies game. Each player took a turn to tell a story which was either true or false focusing on the theme of food. The other players could challenge them if they thought it was a lie or pass if they thought it was the truth. When a player challenged another player, they would have to bet a number of tokens ‘food friends’. If the challenge was correct they would win that many food friends, if they were wrong they would have to give up that many.

Dessert: Every player except one holding a spatular makes a cooking/food related action (mime). The player with the spatular then can tap them with the spatular and say ‘I like the way you are … but you should do … here (passing the spatular) let me show you.’ Thus passing the power of the spatular to the next player. The general idea was to interpret the players actions in crazy ways. Me chopping food became someone playing the drums. Someone mixing a bowl of food, became swinging a child by its hair, and so on.

I have to say the dessert was my favourite course. Basically a good excuse for silly and creative improvisation. The only thing that might make the game even better is having some way to stop the other players overhear what the suggestions from the spatular wielding player are. Or maybe have multiple groups in different spaces and the spatular players moves from one group to the other, so there is the opportunity for misunderstanding how people are miming.


I managed to have a try on Bryan Gale’s Induction. This was a beautiful little puzzle game with a neat time/clone mechanic. The neat and clear aesthetics really made this game stand out for me. Hopefully I’ll get chance for another go.


Finally I got to play Tap Happy Sabotage – Dash and Bash Edition. A physically interactive re-imagining of Alistair Aitcheson’s touch screen installation game Tap Happy Sabotage.

In this game there was a small room with four screens each with a large button underneath them. We got to play with 8 players in teams of two. I was on team lemon with Alistair himself. The other teams had other symbols; a three leaf clover, a parrots head and bee.

We played a series of games where we had to hit the button beneath the screen with our own symbol whilst stopping the other players doing the same. These games got trickier and tricker as time went on. Starting with a single card on the screen, then multiple cards, then rotating cards, and cards only counting when they were upside down. In one instance we had to stop our card being eliminated instead.

I have to say that this is a great game. Personally I’m all for games as installations, mixed medium games and physically social games and this game delivered on all fronts. Hopefully I’ll get chance to play it again before the end of the week. This seemed to be the game that everyone was talking about. Check it out.

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