Submission for Open Arcade at GameCity, Nottingham, UK.


I recently put in a submission to run an event at GameCity in Nottingham which I’ve had accepted. GameCity is an event that runs in Nottingham once a year for around a week. This year it’s running from 25th October till 1st November. They have an open call for submissions where they seem very happy to have anything game related going on.


I’m planning a Massively Multiplayer Game of Paper, Scissors, Stone (or Rock, Paper, Scissors) across Nottingham city centre. Players will be divided up into three teams who will compete to collect the most tabs, from other players wristbands.

You might have seen the type of wristbands I mean. I first saw them when I was at an event over Summer where everyone was given vinyl wristbands with tabs on. These were used to collect food, drinks and ice creams. I think they’d be much better used as a life meter in a live game.

There’s more information about the event here. I’ll be updating with further information as the weeks progress.

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