Humanity – Update

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The latest version of my narrative rpg game Humanity, along with very basic Character sheet.

After the playtest I had a couple of weeks ago I have made a number of changes.

The most major changes are:

  • The way the world and characters are created.
  • The dropping of multiple attributes.
  • Having a single Narrator (GM) per scene.


World and Character Creation

In the first version of Humanity, characters had a list of basic character traits that they had to make a note about; love, fear, appearance, goal, etc.

To make the whole process more user friendly the character background is done by completing keywords in a passage, meaning the character background forms a couple of paragraphs about their history, mannerisms and most importantly their power.

A similar process is used for creating the world setting that the characters exist in as well as the links between those characters.


Less Attributes

Originally I used four attributes, Strength, Dexterity, Charisma and Intelligence and then had a separate track for humanity. The key focus of this game is the characters loss of humanity so I decided to drop the other attributes and where checks and challenges occur just have a flat result system. I think this will make things a lot simpler for the players.


Who is the Narrator?

One issue that came up in playtesting was the lack of clarity when it came to who was controlling the world. In play people would often control both their character at the same time as the world around them, something which reduces the amount of collaboration in the story telling process.

The easiest get round was to rotate the narrator clockwise between each scene. This does mean that when a player narrates their character is out of the limelight on a sort of narrative autopilot but it just makes everything clearer.


I’m hoping to get an opportunity to playtest this version in the next week or so.


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